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5 Things To Remember About Your New Domain Name Launch

Before you commit to your domain name, you need to think about the importance of what you are about to do, and keep the following things in mind.

Your domain is part of your branding. Branding is a marketing tactic that all companies use to engrain their viability in society. AT&T, Geico, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are all brand names. The few short words that comprise their identity invoke images that you associate with those companies, which can influence your buying decisions. It is always best when selecting a domain name that you keep your branding in mind, and that you pick a name which will blend well to those already in place with your business.

It is best to have content before advertising. Advertising for a blank web page that offers no products, services, or useful information is not only silly, but also a great way to get your site blacklisted by consumers. The old saying that you only have one chance to make a first impression is very true, and you need to keep that in mind before steering visitors toward your home on the web. Make sure that your content is in place before you push for sales and/or visitors.

Finding the right server is critical to your success. Lots of web hosts are out there to help you get up and running fast. Many will promise you the moon. Not as many will actually deliver on their promises. Make sure that the hosting service that you are thinking about using can offer you some guarantee against down time. One nickel is too much to pay every month if you’re not getting the service promised. A website that is always down will also turn off potential customers and clients.

There are more extensions than just dot-com out there, and it is a good idea to protect each one. Most companies make the mistake of selecting only a domain name with the dot-com extension. Sure, they may know about dot-net, dot-org, and dot-edu, but that’s about the extent of it. They know nothing of the other extensions out there, such as dot-info, dot-CO, and dot-ca. If branding is an initiative you truly desire with your company-and it should be-then you should consider buying up every available extension for your domain name. This prevents competitors from muddying the business waters.

If all you do is build it, they won’t come. The best website, hosting service, and branding, will not do any good if you aren’t willing to get the word out. Make sure the right people always know where to find you.

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