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Build Trust – Own a Domain

Many of businesses nowadays uses internet to promote their products,
and if you want to promote your products online it will need you to
have your own website. If you
are planning to have an E-commerce website, you must first consider
owning your own domain (www.yourwebsite.com), because having your own
domain gives more credibility on your website.
Websites that are hosted free and usually only sub domains
(www.hostsite.yourwebsite.com) has less impact than the paid one. Your
visitors will only think that your e-commerce is just a “small time”

Most of free domain attached in free hosting
is powered by ads, and in many case, these ads might likely annoy your
customers. Typical kinds of these ads are pop ups, loading ads page,
i-frames. etc.

If you want to publish your own business
name on the internet, the very first thing the you must consider is to
own your domain. You can have your domain in domain registrants, and
they are plenty in the internet.
Domain name is different in hosting, because it only includes
registering an static IP into a web address but in some cases, some web hosting providers includes domain name for free if packaged with hosting.

A domain
name alone is paid in yearly basis, and they are only ranging about
$8-$15 on normal extensions. The yearly price of domain registration
varies on the web extension.
Regular prices on .com .net .org, higher prices on .me, .edu, .tv, and
the cheapest extension is the .info that only cost about $1.5-$3 in
some web hosting companies.

You must also choose properly what would be your domain extension. In
some cases, some users didn’t consider their domain extensions but for
us it is very important to identify what isyour website all about. If you are planning to build an e-commerce website it is recommended that you register on .com extensions which means commercial, .org if your website
is somewhat related to organization, .net on networking but, some users
substitute .net extensions if their name is already registered in .com.

Also, if you are only planning to build a localized website, you may want to register your website with a country code. For example, if your localized website only focus on the country of Peru,
you might want to register your domain in www.yourwebsite.com.pe or
yourwebsite.pe, whereas the Pe is the country code of Peru.

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