What Is Domain

Learn to appraise, buy and sell domains.

Do you own your own name?

Do you own yourownname.com ?

How about .net , .org or .biz ?

Owning your own domain name is like
owning your piece of real estate on
the internet.

Hey, some domain have sold for millions
of dollars. Here are some examples:

Business.com $7.5 million
AsSeenOnTv.com $5.1 million
Altavista.com $3.3 million
Wine.com $2.9 million
Autos.com $2.2 million
Express.com $1.8 million
Wallstreet.com $1m
Rock.com $1m
Websites.com $970,000
Drugs.com $830,000

Here is a site where you can check and
see if the domain name you want is
available: http://www.quickregister.biz

If the ones you want are available you can
reserve them right now for only $7.85 per year.

Try seeing if yourname.com ,
yourname.net , yourname.info
or yourname.biz .

You might want to snap those up before someone
else with the same name gets them! I already
lost my own name on the internet so I know what
I am talking about! So go check
it out now at:
http://www.qucikregister.biz and
own your own piece of internet real estate.

M. May has been making a full time living through internet marketing since 1999. His sites are www.quickregister.biz and www.leadclub.net .

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