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what is domainFree Domain Appraisal

Hi, thanks for your visit to this blog. I have just started this blog to document  my domain flipping experience rather document while I am learning how to put my domains in to auctions. I have read a bit here and there and trying to implement the same and note down the results I am getting during this process.

While browsing different domain flipping blogs, I came to know that domain appraisal is a very important factor for domain flipping. This helps you in deciding the different price factors of your domain e.g. reserve price and buy it now (BIN) price when put a domain on auction platform. So I searched and found lot of websites for free and paid domain appraisals. Following are the websites that provide domain appraisal service:


I have noticed that lot of domain flippers use this website. You can appraise one domain daily and if you want to appraise more you have to subscribe and then you can use all the tools available on their website. They have really very useful tools that a domain flipper needs.

The data displayed on this site for a certain keyword do differ from the Google Keyword Planner Tool. I will compare the stats in a future post though but need to raise the point because there is a lot of difference in the results and at the moment I do not know why there is so much difference.


This website used www.estibot.com engine to valuate the domains. For a start I have subscribed for the basic service which is US $ 15.00 for lifetime access with some limitations includes the following features:

  1. You can appraise 20 domains daily.
  2. Filter appraised domains according to www.bargaindomains.com criteria.
  3. Check Google Trends for 5 selected domains at one time and embed the results wherever you want. I will embed for the keywords I am exploring.
  4. Whois data from www.domaintools.com for all the TLDs with site status.
  5. Trade mark checking.
  6. Domain age etc.




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