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How To Choose Domain Extension?

After all, can’t you just hyperlink in all your posts or distribute print advertising to people, put bumper stickers on the back of your car, or tattoo the site name on your forehead? Well, you could, but it would likely do you little good. See, the Internet has been ingrained in our culture, and along with it, people agree the phraseology “dot com” as the standard domain extension.

There is a reason “dot com” is usually taken when you need come up with that highly innovative name that’s going to make you a million bucks. It’s popular, and it’s mostly the first thing people go for. If you can’t looking it, you’re already fighting an uphill battle on the branding initiative. Still, a great number businesses need survived on “dot net,” “dot org,” or “dot info.” Slowly but surely, the web surfing public is starting to make room for these other selections, but they’re not quite there yet. Want the best extension possible for your domain name? Here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Focus first on the most popular.

It has already been established that “dot com” is the most popular, but it is not always available, as you’ve probably found out by now. Next in line, you’ll want to focus on a “dot net” or a “dot org.” In the battle for domain name extensions, these two are mostly interchangeable as the next most popular. They are followed by “dot info,” though it is highly recommended you settle for one of the first three options. Now a word on new extensions as they are being developed. If you run an adult site, you may want to try “dot xxx.” If you are in the broadcast business, try “dot tv.” Point being, there are new extensions being developed every day which may be better for the core of your business. Take these before going the standard “dot com” route. Remember there are exceptions to most every rule, so use some discernment here.

2. Place your order.

Your web host will tell you right away if a domain name extension is not available. If it isn’t, make sure that you need a backup list that you can consult in order to need a “next best thing” on stand-by. You never want to simply take what’s left. You want something that excites you and feels right for the business. Once you’re sure that you’ve got it, place that order.

A domain name is very important to the life of your web business or presence. Equally important is the extension. By nabbing something snappy and popular, people are even more likely to remember you.

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