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How to Handle our Domain once you Change (Domain) Address

know about the change and minimize the fallout from lost traffic. But what if your change of address is online? Specifically, what do you do when you have a complete web site that you’re moving from one domain to another?

One painful fact you will have to face: there is no way you’re going to do it without some lost traffic. There are some things you can do to lessen the blow, however. Since most site owners will be most concerned with drops in traffic from Google, that’s what I’m going to focus on here.

See the following useful Points that helps you to change your (Domain) Address :

1. First point: it helps to use Google Sitemaps, or at least have an account with Google Webmaster Tools. Make sure Google has a solid reason to believe that the site at the new domain is the same as the site at the old domain, continuing under the same ownership and such. Even there, you can do everything right and still see a problem. One admin said of his experience moving everything correctly that he still experienced an eight-month-long quarantine from the trust filters.

2. Second point: get the word out. Communicate with those who link to you, and get those links changed to the new domain ASAP, especially deep ones. You might even do a press release about the change of online address. Don’t forget those 301 redirects, though you could try simply placing “we have moved” links on every page if you must.

3. Third point: be patient for your traffic to recover. Even in a best case scenario, it will be at least two months before Google reindexes and recalculates everything. Also, your new domain will not get any of the age-related benefits you experienced from the old domain. Given that a new domain is suddenly appearing with the established “look” of an old domain – including the high web page count – it’s going to seem, well, suspicious (can you say sandbox?).

4. Fourth point: don’t be your own worst enemy. Make your move look as legitimate as possible. Or, as Rustybrick put it at SEO Roundtable, “Document every step you make, track the results, be patient and hope for the best.”

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