What Is Domain

Learn to appraise, buy and sell domains.

It's Time To Market With A New URL

Remember the mid-90s when you could still get a great domain name
for your web site? Those days are back.

There for a while it seemed like every domain name that was even
remotely good was taken. Investors and businesses snapped up
every domain they could think of, just in case they later turned
out to be valuable.

Now that the dot-com crash is well behind us, thousands of first
rate domain names have been abandoned and are up for grabs. And
far from the $100 registration fee we used to pay, you can get a
new domain for less then $15 (see http://oriweb.com )

* Get a GREAT new domain name to replace the not-so-good one
you’ve been struggling with.

* Instead of using those long affiliate program links, get a
short, simple domain that forwards to your affiliate program.
Watch hits and sales increase.

Don’t limit yourself to .com. The public no longer looks down on
you for having a .net or .org. Many terrific .biz and .info
names are still around for the claiming.

Once you have your new domain up, get Kevin to write super sales
copy for it. See his affordable writing packages at
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DrNunley’s Biz-Tips
by Kevin Nunley

Get The Most From Creative People

Your marketing will look and work better if you get good creative
people involved. An experienced or gifted designer can turn your
logo or site look into something special. A good writer can make
your web copy, sales letter, ad, or radio spot sing and sizzle.

I’ve spent most of my life working with “creatives.” Here are a
few tips I’ve learned.

* Pay more for an experienced designer or writer. While they may
charge you more per hour or job, they will get the job done right
and often much faster. You save money in the end.

* If you can’t afford a seasoned pro, get a college student or
someone who recently graduated from college. They often have a
mind full of newly-learned, cutting-edge ideas, and you can’t
beat their enthusiasm.

* Give a creative person their head. Don’t micro-manage every
detail. I like to take an extreme approach. We give the
designer just the barest idea of what we need, then jump for joy
over whatever they produce. After a few projects you will have a
creative who loves the freedom you give them. They will come up
with wonderful ideas you never could have thought of on your own.

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