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Keyword Research – Patch Birth Control

Keyword Research – Patch Birth Control

Hi guys, hope you all are fine. As promised, I am learning how to do keyword research and buy domain to flip or build websites for passive income. Here is what I recently learned. I would like to mention here that I am not an expert and just started learning. If you find this useful and interesting please comment and correct me or guide me if I can achieve these results faster and accurate in some other manner. Or if I am following the wrong track and there is a new or better track do let me know.

I used Google’s keyword planner tool which has replaced keyword tool and searched for ‘birth control’ with relevant keywords option selected. The search was based on the following criteria:

  1. More than 1000 searches monthly
  2. More than 1.00 USD PPC

I got around 100+ keywords. The keyword planner tool allows to download the file so I downloaded as MS XL file and saved that file in my www.whatisdomain.org folder on ┬ámy hard drive for future reference and then I pasted all those keywords in the GoDaddy’s bulk search area where you can paste 500 keywords to search for the available domain. Very useful feature. Here is the screenshot of this tool.

what is domain bulk search

I was surprised to know that still there were 17 DOT COMs available relevant to those keywords.

I selected, copied those 17 DOT COM domains and pasted in a domain appraisal area at www.valuate.com to evaluate the domains. The result were displayed according to the value of the domains but the www.valuate.com has some tools that can be used with one click. These are three links on the top right of the table:

  1. List according to the value of the domain
  2. It checks the trade marks also if any domain name has such words
  3. The most important is the link to www.bargaindomains.com which lists in a different way than the appraisal listing.

At the bottom of the table there are some more one click tools linked which are:

  • Under MORE INFO are the following one click links:
    1. Who is
    2. Web Archive
    3. Appraisal Page
  • Under COMPARE tab are the following one click links:
    1. Google Trends
    2. Alexa Charts

From the www.bargaindomains.com list I selected the top 4 domains and clicked the Google Trends link and following was the results to analyze the domains:

Similar to www.bargaindomains.com appraisal, the Google Trends chart also showed that “patch birth control” is the highest searched keyword phrase among all those 4 identified Exact Match domains. One last thing I did was to check potential of this domain or keyword phrase for Google AdSense and for that I used www.spyfu.com and this website showed the following favorable results:

  • 990 Monthly Searches (Local)
  • 1.29k Monthly Searches (Global)
  • $3.09 Cost Per Click
  • 19 Advertisers

So with those results I bought the domain www.patchbirthcontrol.com and in very near future I will get the articles for this domain and try to learn how to promote the website. Will catch you later.

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