What Is Domain

Learn to appraise, buy and sell domains.

Online business is a real business like all other off-line ones, do it, seriously.

Now days everybody surfs internet. For people, even many people, they treat online business as a redundant thing. They just want to earn some extra money from it. They don’t want to do the necessary investment for it. Getting a free website, post some ads, telling their friends that they will earn some money, blablabla… After excitement, they could not get what they expected, then they say that online business are full of shit, scam.

We can say that online business is not good for them. They also can safe their time for other interesting things. Facts show that online business is a business, do it properly and consistently, you will get it. And your independent website site is your ID card in the home business world. Be serious to your business means you need to do this investment for that.

Domain name is your online name. Can you see how valuable it is for those successful domain names, which bring them huge online traffics, like, yahoo.com, google.com, Microsoft.com, … These names stand for credibility, reputation.

You can choose whatever name you want, but the basic rule is that, be catchy and easy, related to your business is also better. And the main task for you is to publish your website to increase its traffic as much as you can, using different ways, free ways, and/or paid ways.

Don’t be shocked that even some big business guys own more than ten different websites. Think about that, how huge the traffic for them? Now we just need to start from one website, do it. Don’t think too much.

Also that you can own a formal email address instead of free email ones, like, [email protected] Sounds good, isn’t it?

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