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Purchasing a Domain Name-But What Type?

You have to get a domain name for your website. If you’re really stuck on how to about getting one, then you should consider some of the following recommended tips for acquiring a good name. First of all, a good website name should be short. This means that the maximum amount of characters should not be more than sixty seven; however, you don’t have to use all the allowed characters. As a matter of fact, you should keep the name as short as possible.

Why? This is because shorter names are simpler to type and remember. Also understand that domain names that have unique characters such as hyphen are not as easy to describe to potential customers when on the phone. Many times customers are not that familiar with them and there may be a few cases of when you may have sent your visitors to your competition in error because your customer keyed in the name without the special characters.

In addition to shorter names, select a good extension (gTLDs) that is commonly used by surfers. You should also utilize your company name or-product description instead of the company’s initials. For example, you might have a site entitled paying income tax and in this case use “Payingincometax” instead of using the initials of “PITA.”

When you put a domain name into the browser and get an error message, you should remember that there might be possible reasons for that message. Maybe the domain name is unavailable. The other reasons could be that the domain holder is still designing the site and has not posted it yet, or the owner purchased the domain name to use it later. Or, it could be that the holder bought the name and thought that he could sell it later for a profit in the future.

With this type of info on getting domain names, not only should you get a domain name, but you should see if it is available first. Make sure that the web hosting company or domain Registrar Company gives you a few good chances to check the availability of a domain before you actually get it. In addition, a majority of companies will give you an alternate version of the name if the name that you wanted is not there anymore.

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