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Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Friendly Domain Name

Search engine friendly domain name is influencing in search engine placement. If you do want to get the top in search engine, then name your domain with this kind of domain name:
1) Use domain name that represents prior keyword of your site. This is very important step in optimizing your web site. At least, this step has 2 positive impacts on your site:
# Your domain name will be much easier to be being remembered by visitors, since your domain name represents prior keyword that they want to know.
# You will have good positioning on search engine because url has it’s important roles for search engines. This kind of url is also called with url-keyword.
For details about url-keyword, you can read our free guidance in SEO-ing web site.
This kind of url will also influence PR of your site, since another web sites which want to link to you are forced to enter your prior keyword as url in texts-link on their web page.
2) Abbreviate some words with numeric:
Eample: 2 = two
4 = for
This will also makes your url in good positioning on few search engines that sorts url based on initial-numeric domain name.
3) Make your domain name as short as possible. Long domain name will only makes your url difficult to remember and easily being forget by visitors, so this should be avoided. In the opposite, using short url-keyword will make your url memorize-able.
4) Use Popular TLD only as much as you can. The reason why it is recommended is, because popular TLD not only will make it easy to remember, but it also represents credibility of your business.
5) If your url consists more than a single word, then use minus (-) sign as the separator. This will avoid misspelling, mistype and make ease in spelling.

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