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Tips For Choosing A Good Domain Name

It requires an intimate knowledge of your business and a touch of personalization in order to do it right. Above all, it must be easy on your potential visitors. After all, many web surfers still swear by typing something in the address bar directly. If you run a lawn and garden service named Scooters, because that was your nickname from childhood, don’t assume that slapping your nickname before the “dot com” part of a domain will do the trick.

Potential customers will not find you based on a nickname. Instead they will be looking for the service you provide. While simply using “lawnandgarden” as your nickname may do the trick, it’s unlikely it will be available. In the example above, you will want to combine both techniques for something like, “Scooterslawnandgarden.” This name is good because it is direct and personal. While this may be the most important tip to remember when picking out a good domain name, it is not the only thing that you should keep in mind.

First of all, you should be open to variations. If the web has proven anything, it is the reality that many ideas that seem unique and original are already taken. If Scooter’s Lawn and Garden is the name of your business, but there is another one across the country that beat you to the punch, then you could very well need another domain name. Online what seems unlikely is very much possible. That’s why you should come up with at least 5 to 10 variations taking the same concept. You may be able to keep “Scooters” in the domain name, but instead of “lawnandgarden,” you may choose something like “lawncare.” Experiment with the different variations, and don’t give up if your first few choices are taken.

Another tip to keep in mind for adding uniqueness to your domain name is to keep in mind the area in which you operate. “Scooterslawnandgarden” may be taken, but it’s doubtful that “Scooterslawnandgardenfortworth” is taken. It is okay when coming up with a domain name to be lengthy as long as each word flows well and leaves no doubt as to what your site is. Creativity is essential to choosing a good domain name, but you must think of creativity in a different way than perhaps you would when writing a story or essay. Being creative for the fun of it is not what you should set out to do. Instead, use your creativity to develop a domain name that is personal, informative, and, above all, available. When you’ve got these down, it becomes easier to grow your website, and, incidentally, your business.

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