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Tips on how to choose the best domain name for your Business or Company

So you have decided to put your business online? Making your business available in the World Wide Web awaits big opportunities. World-wide exposure, low cost marketing, and real-time information transfer are among the advantages of placing your business online. But before you go online and make a website for your business, the first thing to do is to choose the best domain name for your business. Domain name is what internet users type in the URL address bar of an internet explorer to access a certain website. Example, if you need to go to Google to search some information, you need to type Google’s domain name which is www.google.com in the URL bar of an internet explorer.

A domain name (dot .com, .net and .org) cost about 10$ for a one year registration. You can take a look at NameCheap and GoDaddy, two of my most favorite domain registrars. It’s pretty much affordable to purchase a domain name for the benefits that you can get out of that name. Choosing your domain name at its best is very important since it will become your business’ identity in the web. This name will be the one which will be remembered and used by your potential visitors and customers in the cyber world. So let us choose the best and if possible the perfect name for our business. The following are tips on how to choose the best domain name for your business.

1. It must be short. Internet users love to type short word in the URL address bar. Short domain name are also easy to memorize. A one-word to two-word domain name is acceptable. But since one word domain names are not already available for registration, you need to brainstorm a short two-word domain name – unless you can invest enough money to buy a one-word domain name from a certain owner.

2. It must be easy to remember. A short domain name doesn’t absolutely mean it is easy to memorize. You need to choose a name which will mark people’s mind. You can choose names that are brain catching and names that will stick in the minds of people wherever they will go.

3. It must be clean. Beware of domain names that were used in the past as porn sites or blacklisted sites. You do a research on the history of the domain you intend to use. You can go to Archive.org and search for the history of any domain name.

4. It must be a dot com. Dot com domain extension is the most valuable and precious domain among the top level extension available for a domain name. Of course, you must use what is the best domain name.

5. It must not be trademarked. Never register a domain which is already trademarked by other companies – although they are still available. This is to avoid any legal liability in the future.

6. It must be align to you business. This is the most important consideration you should take. Your domain name must describe what is your business is. It should be the name of your registered company or a name which is very near to it. You can also choose a name which your industry belong. Example, if you are a restaurant entrepreneur, you can choose a domain name which contain a word” restaurant”, “food” or “dining”.

The above should be met to attain a great domain for your business or company.  But if possible you can also consider the inherent value of a domain name for marketing purposes. You can consider a domain name which is rich in search engine results. This domain names have great potentials of driving traffic to your website and therefore increasing prospective customers.

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