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Virtually Necessary Domain Names

Hey, everyone on the block may know and trust
you, but that is not true when it comes to selling
and promoting your wares and services online.

You must have a virtual domain name in order to
do business online. I know, I know, you can get
free sites, free hosts and some will even offer free
ISP services. Eventually, you end up with a domain
name as long as a six-foot black snake and about as
identifiable and trustworthy. (:>))

Getting your own domain name is really easy and
very inexpensive if you do some research.

Here are some resources to give you a heads-up when
you set out to get that virtual domain name and some
reasons for doing so.

You are more likely to be seen as a having these
qualities if you have a VDN.

1) Serious marketer–You thought enough in your
online business to spring a few bucks for the name.

2) Honesty- With your unique name, you are perceived
as more identifiable and therefore more trustworthy.

3) Dependability- You have become more dependable
because you have invested in your share of cyberspace.

How to get a domain name
1) Selecting a name–Try to avoid something cute. Clever
is okay…cute is out.

Avoid names with dashes in them.
They are too easily missed and harder to type.
Keep it as short and memorable as possible.
Try to include a word or phrase about your business central
theme. ( E.g.., If you sell flapjacks, hopefully flapjacks.com is
still available.)

2) Registering your name–There are more than 75 registrars
available now. This will not be a problem, however, there
is a lot of difference in the cost for this service.

3) Transferring to host–Once registered, you will need to
request a transfer to your host. You do have a host don’t
you ? If not, you may want to park your newly selected
name for a spell.

Places to order:

1) Bargain Domain Names– Here a couple of my favorites
for bargain domain purchases: ($6.95 and up)

http://www.godaddy.com and

2) Full-service Domain Name registrars–Include ones like
http://www.networksolutions.com ($20 and up)

There are lots of places to get a domain name online.
Just do a search on one of the major directories like
http://www.yahoo.com/ You will find plenty. Be sure
and compare prices and features.

Article by
Larry Johnson

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Larry Johnson is a webmaster of several sites as well as publisher of the Biz Site Biz Ezine. He has been nationally published in such magazines as Home Business Magazine. With a background inadvertising including radio and TV he began work on the internet more than 8 years ago.

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