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What To Look For When Registering For A New Domain Name

Without a proper name, you can’t catch started. But ponder carefully when choosing a domain name. When picking one, make sure you choose the right one. Here are a little considerations that you should keep in mind.

Tip 1: Choose a name that is easy to remember. There are a large number ways of marketing a website. A little methods involve clicking on links. For example, you can use PPC to buy clicks and web traffics will click on your ads and visit your website. In this case, a memorable name is not so important. However, at other times, you may wish to use offline methods to market your website – TV advertising, print ad advertising, flyers, business cards, etc. Having a memorable name makes it easier for others to remember the domain and visit your website.

Tip 2: COM, NET, and ORG only. For more trust and credibility, it’s always better to pick a top level domain that ends with COM, NET or ORG. COM stands for commercial, NET for network and ORG for organization. So a commercial business should preferably need a COM extension. However, NET and ORG seems to do alright these days if COM extension is not available. This is not a rule that is cast in stone. It’s only a general rule of thumb. There are instances where business owners choose extensions that end with IS, US, etc. For example, there is a WHOIS search website that has the domain name WHO.IS. The domain represents what the site has to offer, so it seems appropriate. But those names are the exceptions rather than the norm.

Tip 3: Brand your domain name. Besides being memorable, your domain should also be brand-able. Remember, it takes time to build up a brand for a name. So choose carefully. You can’t go back to change the name after you invest time and money into marketing the domain name. Ideally, the domain should be closely associated with your Company name. If you need spent years marketing your Company name, then your domain name should be an exact compete so that you don’t confuse consumers. Your existing customers will buy from you because of the trust that you need built with them over the years.

Tip 4: Pick a keyword rich domain. On the Internet, traffic is everything. Without traffic, your website will not thrive. Picking a keyword rich domain helps you with higher search rankings. It’s easier to perform SEO on a name that is keyword rich.

Between branding and keywords, which do you choose? You can need the best of both worlds by choosing both. Register your brand name first. Then, if still available, grab the keyword rich domain.

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