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Why do I need a Domain Name?

Why do I need a Domain Name?
by Glen Hopkins

Over the years a common question that I am repeatedly asked by
new internet marketers is, Why do I need a domain name? It is an
important question that we have all asked before.

If you are relatively new to this wonderful thing called the
internet, understanding why you need your own domain name is
crucial to your online success.

Let’s start with a simple a simple example. You’re at a party
doing a little networking. You meet a person who shows interest
in your pet care business and they ask, “What is your URL?” To
which you reply something like,

Now my question is, do you really think they remembered that? If
they did, do you really think they got the impression that you
are operating a serious and reputable business? I doubt it.

Can you fix it? You bet. Buy your own domain for less than 2
cents a day! Then you can tell them your domain is something
like. “www.PreciousPets.com” Doesn’t that sound a lot more
professional and easy to remember? Oh, and by having your own
domain name you also get your own email address. So now instead
of saying, “You can contact me at [email protected]” You can
say, “You can contact me at [email protected]

But hang on, there is more. For that measly 2 cents a day having
your own domain name can also drastically increase your traffic
volume. How you ask? Many search engines will only include you in
their results if you have your own domain name. This cannot be
overlooked. You NEED to listed in the results of search engines.
After all, to get customers, they need to be able to find you!

In conclusion having your own domain name will…

– Increase you Professionalism
– Make your URL more Memorable
– Give you your own Email Address
– Help get you listed in the Search Engines
– Increase your Traffic levels

I firmly believe that your own domain name is one of the best
investments, if not THE best investment, you can make in your
site. After all, I doubt 2 cents a day will break anyones bank.
Oh, and after you expensive it to your company it would cost a
fraction of a PENNY! I think you get the picture. To purchase
your own domain name check out http://www.listopt.com/web_solutions.html

Glen Hopkins is the director of ListOpt Publications Inc.If you’re looking to build your newsletter subscriber basequickly, easily and inexpensively, visit Glen at:http://www.listopt.com and learn what hundreds of otherpublishers are saying about ListOpt’s amazing List Builderservice.

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