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Your Mini Guide to Making The Most of a Domain Search Tool

Your Mini Guide to Making The Most of a Domain Search Tool

If you are looking for a suitable domain name, use a domain search tool. Here’s how you can benefit from any such tool:

-Make a list of at least 5-10 names because you it is not necessary that the one and only name you choose is actually available. -Search for each of the names one by one. While you are it, select the available extensions one after the other. -It’s good idea to focus on the popular extensions. However, other extensions are equally good especially if you can get the desired name registered. Explore all of these extensions because you never know which of them may be available.

However, for enjoying these benefits, you need to find a tool that fulfills the following criteria: -The tool must be easy to use. Otherwise, it can be quite a difficult task to search for multiple names especially if you are thinking of selecting all the available extensions one by one. For instance, even if you come up with 5 names and select only 5 extensions, you need to make 25 attempts. This is only possible if the tool lets you search in a seamless manner. -You can only select multiple extensions, if there are any. So, look for a tool that gives you enough options to choose from when it comes to domain name extensions. If only 2-3 extensions are available, domain search makes no sense because half of the names are likely to be already registered. -Find a tool that’s quick. If the tool takes too much time, you need to spend hours to confirm the availability of 5-10 domain names. -Also, the tool must display more information than you expect. While you should get to know if the desired name is available, you must also be told the price right there so as to ensure that you can make an informed decision.

What else can help? -It’s always better to use a tool offered by a service provider that can help you with domain registration. If you use any other tool, you anyways need to look for a service provider. So, why not use their services in the first place? -For making the most of the domain search tool, you got to be ready with whatever you are searching for. You need to have a couple of easy-to-type-out, memorable names. Furthermore, you must be aware of your budget so that you can decide whether or not you can buy any of the names that the tool suggests are available.

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